Sep 10, 2012

Outfitting the boats

Since getting our packrafts this spring, we have slowly been outfitting our boats with extra tie-down points and most recently, gluing on d-rings to install thigh straps in my boat.

The thigh straps will not only making carrying a fully loaded boat easier, but also will help become more in-tune with the water so I can to move around rivers and rapids with much more control.

So...the steps for installing a d-ring, tie-down or patch...

First we measured where the d-rings would go...

and traced the outline where the four d-rings on the boat will go.

Then we found the right angle for the rings so that the thigh strap would lay flat against my leg.

Next using a fine-grained sandpaper, I roughed up the area inside the circle,

and also the bottom of the d-ring.

Using M.E.K., I applied three very thin coats to the inside of my circles.

And the bottom of the d-ring, making sure each coat dried **it is important to not get too much M.E.K. on your boat, it will eat away at it if you are not careful! (i know because I've done it)

Then Kirk mixed the activator for the Staybond glue

and painted three very thin coats on the d-rings and the boat, making sure each coat dried fully.

We had to turn my boat inside out to get the front circles painted with glue.

The last step is using a hairdryer to heat the d-ring and boat for about 30 seconds, and then slowly applying the d-ring while smoothing it as you go so that there are no air pockets.

And voila, done!


  1. Hello there! I am really interested in one thing, could you please tell us your place of origin?