May 29, 2013

North Fork Mahleur River

We took a four day trip down the Wild and Scenic stretch of the North Fork of the Malheur River in Central Eastern Oregon over Memorial Day.

Put-in was just below a barb wire fence that crosses the river at the North Fork Malheur River Campground.

The river got a little better after the first 2 miles and 200 log portages

More fences, though we were able to paddle through it between the planks.

A nice camp site the first night.

The worst portage, a gorged out log jam, forced us to hike up and around the blockage.

We wish we could say this was what poked a hole in Kirk's boat.

Boat down!

But sadly it was just a really pointy sharp rock.

We were only a half mile from the end of the floating part of the trip, so we just packed up our boats walked to our next camp.

The Little Malheur.... a little too little to float.

Our hike out.

There is a trail here somewhere.


  1. What about farther downstream like Riverside to Juntura?

    1. We haven't been down there yet, but I imagine it would be floatable with the right water levels...and I think there is a hot spring somewhere on that section??