Jan 18, 2014


Here is my shameless little plug for my new business: hikertrash.

What is hikertrash you might ask?

Backpackers who are out for weeks or months on the trails often are mistaken for the homeless...it could be the smell, or dirt, or ravenous way they attack any kind of food in town. The phrase is common on the trails, and I have been self-identifying as hikertrash for years.

A few years ago I taught myself how to screenprint, designing primarily bike graphics, but a few hikertrash graphics crept in there too.

For this recent incarnation I have partnered with Brian Frankle, founder of ULA packs and designer for Six Moon Design's new pack line. He has the business sense, I have the incurable enthusiam for the hikertrash lifestyle.

We are starting with a line of trucker hats, shirts, stickers & coozies, but have lots of other products and designs in mind.

A percentage of our sales will go to support one of the three long distance trail associations in the U.S.: Pacific Crest Trail Association, Appalachian Trail Conservancy or Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

So take a look, buy a hat or let us know what other kinds of things you would like to see.


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