Aug 18, 2014

Scouting Trip - Linton Creek

When I met Kirk I discovered the beauty of walking up creeks. The more mountainous, the more interesting...sometimes. A few weekends ago we decided to go check out Linton Creek which runs into Linton Lake on the West side of Middle Sister. It surely was not packraftable, but I had hopes for the upper meadows...if we could get far enough there could be some amazing boating opportunities upstream. 

Meanwhile I am discovering the joys of mapping trip tracks on Google Earth. I have been using the Trimble Outdoors Navigator App to create tracks on some of our hiking/skiing/boating trips this year, but didn't think to export the tracks to Google Earth till now. Wow. 

This is an overview of the area.

We didn't bring boats, it was merely to be a backpacking/bushwack trip along the creek. 

The trail in was quite pleasent

I wanted to swim

But kept hiking

until we could spash around here

we were in for a CLIMB.

But we did see waterfalls!

And on top we encountered....


And bugs

We did find some relief back on the creek

 But camp was nothing to take a picture of.

This particular bushwack, while having a few shiny moments over the whole weekend, was something I won't repeat. Next time I'll try and reach these meadows

from the upper trails!


  1. Thanks for the post Renee! I had a good chuckle.

  2. I've done this hike before, a few times. I've also come in from the upper trails, neither is easy, but I prefer coming in from Linton Lake. Best I can tell from your pictures, there is an easier way to get above Linton Falls.

  3. You can access those upper meadows from the PCT. Above that bench/meadow with all the mosquitos, there's another nice set of falls. On top of that is a lovely meadow and an old horse camp. Just a short jaunt to Eileen and Husband lakes. Here are a few links of some of the hikes a buddy and I have done up in there.

  4. We'll definitely go in that way next time! Thanks for the links.