May 1, 2014

This One is for the Ladies

I've been wanting to write a post about drysuits. About peeing while wearing a drysuit. Talk about the most amazing piece of gear ever for cold water/weather boating, but the worst piece of gear to get out of in an emergency...

After too many close calls, too many jumping/cursing/flailing sessions over getting the drysuit over my head and off in time, I decided to invest in a funnel.

no, not that kind of funnel

Now I could have gotten a women's specific drysuit with a zippered bottom, but when looking at the design, I didn't want the zipper to rub on the thin plastic of the packraft. Kirk and I reguarly put whole days or weekends in our boats, and the last thing I wanted was a hole were my women's specific zipper is.

So I headed to Google to find a funnel. So many choices!

Do I want the GoGirl, Whiz or Shewee? Or maybe the P-EZ or Smartway?

I ultimately decided on the Freshette, not sure quite why, but the hard plastic cup could be shoved into the zipper of my drysuit, the hose replaced with a longer one if needed, and hey, it was fairly cheap.

And it works beautifully. I've even taken to using it when not in my drysuit...such a novelty to be able to stand up when peeing.

Ladies, you don't have the do the dance anymore, try a funnel!

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