Jun 27, 2013

Sticks Suck!

Tired of trying to figure out what to do with your bag/pump once you have inflated your boat with those long sticks..... cut them out and replace them with something flexible and then you can put it in a pocket or anywhere and not worry about popping your boat with sticks.   Anything flexible and semi rigid works and the bag functions the same.


  1. Great trip report. The Minam is a wilderness packrafting classic!

    I ran Minam Falls and the old log dam a couple years ago at low water. I hope to do it again.

    I too have been enjoying doing some of my trips with a Feathercraft Baylee. The self bailers are a good option on smaller woody creeks that require getting in and out a lot. Great boats.

  2. I found a good thing to use to replace the sticks are heavy duty zip ties, just cut them off and round and smooth the edges. the are flexible and not prone to cracking or breaking.