Jun 11, 2013

Weekend Boating

A short stretch of slides and logjams.


  1. What's werner paddle is your favorite and why?210 cm or shorter?



  2. Personally from the blades Werner makes I like the Powerhouse blade, a little bigger surface area for creeking. As for size I will not paddle any paddle over 200cm. I prefer 194-197cm for packrafting although I have a 191cm (bent shaft AT) and a 189cm (Werner Rodeo) that I have used and liked them also. The powerhouse I have is a 194cm with a 28 degree feather (my preference in feather angle).
    The big long paddles do not let you have a more vertical stroke (for power/control) If your paddle is long it makes you paddle with the blade away from your boat and limits many useful paddle strokes you simply cannot do efficiently with a long paddle. If you do use a vertical stroke with a long shaft paddle, either your body position is wrong, you moved your hands in closer to center of the shaft, or your whole blade is underwater when it is at your hip... all of these are bad technique in my opinion. The long paddles are clumsy to paddle with, they get stuck in the water, plus you have to lift up water to remove them from the water unless your paddle is behind you cranked to dump water (very inefficient) plus your stroke repetition is significantly slower. If all the paddling I were ever going to do was strictly on lakes or flatwater I may go for a longer paddle, but it would still not ever be over 204-207cm in length.
    This is only my opinion, some others may like the longer paddles but I do not feel they are necessary.