Scouting Trip - Linton Creek

When I met Kirk I discovered the beauty of walking up creeks. The more mountainous, the more interesting...sometimes. A few weekends ago we decided to go check out Linton Creek which runs into Linton Lake on the West side of Middle Sister. It surely was not packraftable, but I had hopes for the upper meadows...if we could get far enough there could be some amazing boating opportunities upstream. 

Meanwhile I am discovering the joys of mapping trip tracks on Google Earth. I have been using the Trimble Outdoors Navigator App to create tracks on some of our hiking/skiing/boating trips this year, but didn't think to export the tracks to Google Earth till now. Wow. 

This is an overview of the area.

We didn't bring boats, it was merely to be a backpacking/bushwack trip along the creek. 

The trail in was quite pleasent

I wanted to swim

But kept hiking

until we could spash around here

we were in for a CLIMB.

But we did see waterfalls!

And on top we encountered....


And bugs

We did find some relief back on the creek

 But camp was nothing to take a picture of.

This particular bushwack, while having a few shiny moments over the whole weekend, was something I won't repeat. Next time I'll try and reach these meadows

from the upper trails!

R2ing the North Umpqua River - VIDEO

R2ing the North Umpqua River, Oregon from Renee Patrick on Vimeo.

I took my new GoPro on the North Umpqua river for two days of R2ing with Kirk & some kayaking friends. I took WAY too much footage and used up all the batteries before some of the bigger rapids on the section between Horseshoe Bend and Gravel Bin takeout. Regardless it was super fun to put together and I'm looking forward to making lots more movies of our trips in the future.


A few things have twarted packrafting plans lately....forest fire, food poisoning and lack of water!

However we're getting in the raft more & I'm working on a video from our R2ing adventure on the North Umpqua, thanks to my birthday present, a new GoPro.

Stay Tuned....

Our sweet little campsite on Quartzville Creek last weekend, before I got SICK SICK SICK from food poisoning. Not much water anyway...

Steamboat Creek - Day 3

We met Nick and his girlfriend on the first day of our trip, they took some photos of us and emailed them to us this week. Very cool! We don't often get these shots from a different perspective.

Nick ran the section we did Saturday in his IK.

When we talk about water being too low and rocky, this is one example

I got stuck on this one a bit
We woke in the middle of the night to rain falling on our sleeping bags. Because of the warm night we hadn't closed our vestibules, but fortunately nothing got too wet. By the time we woke the rain had passed us by and we had a blue sky above.

Ready to go!

We would finish out the gorge today and after portaging the lower falls, would have just about a mile left to the bike that I dropped at the end of the run.

The morning brought more scouting, some portaging, some not.

Here's a nice little drop that Kirk ran...

Not long after this we encountered the lower falls.

The last little stretch was calm and splashy. Before we knew it we had arrived at the confluence with Canyon Creek where I stashed my bike.

I ripped off the dry suit and rode the 10ish miles back to the car.

A sausage at the Dry Creek Store fueled the drive home and boom, the tranquil bliss of Steamboat Creek came to an end.