Feb 5, 2013

Alpacka Cargo Fly

Well, Kirk went and shipped his boat back to Alpacka to have their new Cargo Fly installed.

"The Cargo Fly is an airtight, waterproof zipper system in the stern of the boat.  Opening this zipper allows access to the inside of the tubes to store your gear.  With careful planning, everything can now go inside your raft rather than strapped on the bow in a pack.

The Cargo Fly option comes as a three piece set.  The set includes the zipper in the boat and two zipper opening inflatable drybags that slide inside the boat tubes.  These drybags are long and a slightly smaller diameter than the boat tubes themselves.  After the drybags are slipped inside the tubes, they are filled with gear and clipped in place.  Once in place they are inflated.   This gives you two additional air chambers."

We are so curious to see how this works, will they bounce around, will it allow for easier rolling of the boat, will packing be easier or more difficult?

Stay tuned for the details....

In the mean time I think it's time to head to the pool and try and roll my boat. It may never happen, but at least I could get pro at getting OUT of the boat. :)